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I am working in various media – such as (color) pencil, oil, pastels, ink and marker. But what i always come back to is the portraiture of women in all shape and forms. Have a look at my gallery.


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What’s New

On October the 12th I was taking part in the Art Lab Prize Exhibition in Munich, organized by Galerie Benjamin Eck. Together with 19 other selected artists I showed two paintings from 2019 – „Modern Rhapsody In The Blink Of An Eye“ and „Thinnest Thread And Thickest Blood“. 

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A blog about the art experience: art making in the studio, new techniques, my processes, my happy endings as well as hurdles in the big adventure called art making.

The calm of whiteness

What I love about drawing my minimalist line drawings in between painting is the simpleness of it. Not simple in a bad way, in a good way! By not using color (so far at least) and by using only a very fine marker I am limiting myself and this kind of shuts down my thinking, …

Beautiful Disruption

A rhapsody as an epic poem was recited by wandering singers in ancient greece. What was particular about them was that the singer would pick certain pieces of the poem to make his own version of it. A stitched story, so to say, rhapsody means that it is highly improvised and spontaneous. I use this …

Exhibition in Hamburg

From February until April both my paintings Organic Geometry # 4 and #5 were shown in a group exhibition in Hamburg. Even though they are number 4 and number 5, they for me are the essence of this series. And i came to realize that when i was hanging my all of my paintings one …

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